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Changing careers is a major decision that can affect every dimension of your life. That’s why The Bluestone Group recruiters spend time getting to know you, your needs and your goals. How We Work Confidentiality. Your resume is always treated confidentially. We will not forward it to anyone without first discussing the opportunity with…(Read More)

Potential for higher earnings: Companies typically pay a premium to get the right contractor, with the right skills, at the right time. Travel opportunities: With each new assignment comes the chance to work at another location of your choosing, from across town to across the country. Skills Portfolio: Every contract assignment offers the opportunity to…(Read More)

Career Planning


When you decide to take your next career step, write out your personal and professional goals to see if they align. The following steps can lead to success in your career management. Take a good look at yourself. Understand your needs. What is important to you? What are you passionate about? A career spans many…(Read More)

We at The Bluestone Group understand the importance of privacy when making a career move. Posting your resume on a public job board can be hazardous because you never know who will see it. We make it our top priority to conserve the privacy of our candidates therefore we do not disclose personal information without…(Read More)

Resume Tips


Your resume is your most important calling card in your job search. It should include the following information: Contact information. Include phone, mail and email contact information. In addition, make sure your voicemail message is professional. A message that is too casual can create a negative impression. Career objective. You may choose to list or…(Read More)

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