Contract Staffing Solutions

Whatever your temporary situation, The Bluestone Group has the ability and capacity you need to solve any staffing challenges you may have.  We have many highly skilled professionals in the Legal and Financial Services which allows us to assemble entire teams to tackle complex and multiple staffing assignments.   

Our Process

Each candidate is screened and referenced checked.  We verify skill levels and interview candidates for behavioral traits to insure they are a good fit for your organization.  Our candidate process includes:

  • Evaluate work history and personal accomplishments
  • Determine employment goals
  • Check references
  • Perform background checks

We welcome the opportunity to give you all the details of Contract Staffing Services and we will customize a solution to meet your specific needs. Contact Us.

Contract Staffing Benefits:

The Bluestone Group Contract Staffing Division will:

  • Act as the employer of record
  • Cover liability insurance and workers compensation insurance
  • Handle all compensation issues
  • Manage contractor’s benefits
  • Invoice weekly, for the hours the contractor has worked

In addition, your company receives a number of advantages when using Contract Staffing Solutions:

  • No Training, No Down Time

    We bring you experts who have the experience you need.  No specialized training is required.

  • No Overhead

    We enable you to account for the expense of an interim hire as a variable cost rather than fixed overhead.

  • No Payroll

    We manage compensation of the Contract Staffing employee. They are on our payroll, not yours.

  • No Payroll Burdens

    As employer of record, we handle all payroll burdens, including all payroll taxes, as well as professional and general liability insurance, workers compensation and unemployment benefits.

  • You Pay Only For Hours Worked

    We invoice on a weekly basis for the verified hours worked by the Contract Staffing employee, based on a Supervisor’s signed Timecard.

Our Value to You:

Specialization: The Bluestone Group’s extensive database of talent allows us to fulfill your unique staffing needs.

Evaluation: Contract-to-hire means that you can evaluate a candidate’s fit with your company before extending a more permanent employment offer.

Back Office Support: Our dedicated team of back office professionals is highly trained in all payroll and administrative functions.

Cost-effectiveness: You get the resources you need, when you need them, without the overhead of permanent staff.

How do we stand apart?

How does The Bluestone Group stand apart from other companies offering contract staffing?

Quality:  Our global network of recruiters utilizes proprietary methodologies built around securing the highest caliber candidates.
Our contract employees have the same qualifications, expertise, and professionalism that you’d expect from your core employees.

Quantity:  With more than 4,000 recruiters in nearly 1,000 MRINetwork offices, we have access to one of the most comprehensive databases of its type anywhere.

Adaptability:  Utilizing a consultative approach, we deliver the appropriate staffing solution based on your company’s human capital needs. Our recruiters typically have real-world experience in the industries in which they recruit; they know who you need and how to reach them.

Reasons to Use a Contractor:

The Bluestone Group allows you to bring in accomplished professionals for a specific length of time and/or a specific project.

We manage the entire process by handling all financial and administrative responsibilities associated with contract employees.

Contract Staffing is the perfect solution for any company that finds itself in the following situations:

  • You are under a head count and budget restraint, but you still need workers to complete a specific goal
  • You have critical business projects that are on hold due to lack of expertise or headcount
  • You are looking for a full-time permanent employee but need someone to cover the gap in the interim
  • You have located a candidate through the Internet or in response to an advertised opening, but need time to evaluate their skills before extending a permanent position
  • You can choose from several staffing options to fulfill your needs, whether they are short-term, long-term, project specific, or permanent.